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Meet the Small Business Toolkit

Give your productivity a boost with the small business toolkit, including free accounting, payroll, and HR admin templates and checklists to use now.

As any small business owner knows, “small business” doesn’t mean small challenges. No two days are ever the same. But how can you build the confidence to bounce back in the face of uncertainty? Being well-equipped is a good place to start.

Meet the Small Business Toolkit
This toolkit includes actionable resources to simplify your everyday operations and help you feel confident that your business is on the right track. Covering accounting, payroll, and HR processes, these checklists and templates can be used right away to help you ensure that your small business is under control today and prepared for tomorrow.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll find in the toolkit:

  1. Business Plan Template:
    A good business plan is a working document that grows with you. It’s something you can tweak and update as your business evolves. Our business plan template helps you map out the next steps for your business and strategies to make them a success. It includes sections on:
  • The purpose of your business
  • What you want to achieve
  • How you plan to accomplish your goals

2. Invoice Template:
A smooth invoicing process is critical to the operation of any business. Our invoice template features all the information your clients and customers need to settle up quickly and makes managing your income simpler by standardizing your invoice admin.

3. Cash Flow Forecast Template:
Templates such as the one in the small business toolkit can help you create a cash flow forecast and assess the financial health of your business. Using data such as expected and actual monthly revenue figures, this template will provide an overview of your cash flow, allowing you to make informed spending decisions while keeping your finances healthy.

4. Payslip Template:
The information included on a payslip allows your employees to understand their pay and raise any issues. The template included in the toolkit helps you ensure you’re including all the required components, creating a consistent experience for your people, and ensuring your business is compliant with all pay-related regulations.

5. Employee Onboarding Checklist:
Getting the onboarding process right isn’t just crucial for administrative purposes. Onboarding is one of the first major employee experiences your people will go through—and that makes it a massive opportunity to create a lasting, positive impression on your new addition.

6. Cloud Accounting Software Checklist:
Featuring smart functionality, automation, and analytics, these solutions help reduce the time spent on manual accounting tasks while improving accuracy and helping your business remain compliant. Included in the toolkit, this cloud accounting software checklist will help you size up potential products and make sure you’re choosing software that will meet all of your business needs.

Boost Your Productivity Today
Until you’re ready to take the next step on your productivity journey, the resources in this toolkit can go a long way towards helping you ensure your business processes run faster and easier. This productivity boost—plus the peace of mind that you’re doing everything the right way—will hopefully make you a little bit more confident on your journey.

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