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Introducing Sage Intacct Lite: Revolutionizing Financial Management for Small Businesses

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Sage Intacct Lite, an innovative bundle designed to streamline financial management for small and medium-sized businesses. This new offering comes with a built-in discount and is packed with features tailored to meet the needs of growing companies.

What’s Included in Sage Intacct Lite?

Sage Intacct Lite provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services to empower your business. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Core Financials: Manage your core financial operations with ease.
  • Learning Membership: Access to training resources to ensure you make the most of your software.
  • 3 Business Users: Allow up to three users to manage your financial data.
  • Inventory + 1 Warehouse User: Efficiently track and manage your inventory with one dedicated warehouse user.
  • 1 Employee 10-Pack: Add up to ten employees to your system for streamlined management.
  • 2 Entities: Support for managing finances across two separate entities.
  • Platform Services: Utilize robust platform services for seamless operations.
  • Web Services: Integrate with other systems and services through web services.
  • Max 5 Business Users and Max 5 Warehouse Users: Expand your user base as needed, up to five business and warehouse users each.

Simplified Implementation

Sage Intacct Lite combines pre-configured environments with fixed fee and fixed scope implementations, designed to reduce the time and cost of getting up and running. This approach ensures a swift and smooth transition to our powerful financial management solution.

Trusted Practice Solutions

Our trusted practice solutions feature a pre-configured Sage Intacct environment that incorporates industry best practices, ensuring that your business adheres to proven standards from day one.

What’s Pre-Configured?

  • Core Application Configuration: Essential settings and configurations are ready out of the box.
  • Chart of Accounts & Statistical Accounts: A comprehensive chart of accounts and statistical accounts tailored to your industry.
  • KPI Scorecards: Key performance indicators to help you measure success and drive improvement.
  • Reports & Dashboards: Pre-built reports and dashboards for immediate insights into your business.
  • Dimension Terminology: Standardized terminology to ensure consistency and clarity.
  • Learning Membership: Ongoing education and training to maximize your investment.

Fast Track to Go-Live

With Sage Intacct Lite, you can expect to be up and running in just six weeks. Our streamlined implementation process is designed to get you live quickly and efficiently.

Limitations to Consider

While Sage Intacct Lite offers a robust set of features, there are some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Requires Use of a Trusted Practice Solution: Our pre-configured environments are based on best practices, which must be adopted.
  • Must Accept Pre-Configured Chart of Accounts: The provided chart of accounts is tailored to industry standards.
  • Accrual Basis Only: Our solution supports accrual basis accounting.
  • Up to 2 Entities: Manage finances for up to two separate entities.
  • Current FY History Up to Go-Live: Historical data is limited to the current fiscal year up to the go-live date.

Embrace the Future of Financial Management

Sage Intacct Lite is designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective financial management solution. By leveraging our trusted practice solutions and pre-configured environments, you can reduce implementation time and cost while ensuring your business operates at peak efficiency.

Get ready to revolutionize your financial management with Sage Intacct Lite. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards a smarter, more streamlined future.

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