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Our Third Party Application Partners

The Granite Warehouse Management System is a leader in mid-market business warehousing software. With over ten years of experience and over 180 live sites globally, we are experienced across a number of industry verticals.

The GraniteWMS software solution is designed to deliver a flexible, optimised and efficient warehouse management solution to a market in need of a standardised barcode-based solution.

Why Granite Warehouse
Management System?

Easy to Implement

GraniteWMS is a straightforward platform that can be installed and running in your warehouse in weeks, rather than months.

Simple to Use

GraniteWMS has a simple web-based application interface that sets up easy step-by-step processes.

Fit for Purpose

A lean solution for the mid-market business needs. You are not paying for complexity and functionality you will never use.

Highly Scalable & Configurable

The system can scale to fit the requirements of your warehouse, and is easily configurable to accommodates changes.

Improves Accuracy

All transactions are based around barcode scanning, ensuring faster and more accurate picking and order fulfilment.

Easy to Maintain & Support

Our team will be there to assist you during the go-live and provide expert ongoing support.

Live Data

GraniteWMS will deliver real-time, accurate data on all stock and transactions in your warehouse.

Netstock is a leading supply chain planning software trusted by 2,200 customers globally to optimize their planning. Netstock’s cloud-based solutions enable businesses to be agile, responsive, and profitable.

Each solution integrates with leading ERPs and leverages enhanced analytics so you can quickly respond to market change and make the best supply chain planning decisions for your business.

Netstock Key Features

Inventory Optimization

See all your inventory KPIs such as stock vs. model stock, actual vs. target fill rate, stocked-outs, potential stock-outs, and excess stock in a single dashboard.

Precision Forecasting & Demand Planning

Netstock’s world-class forecasting, enhanced with machine learning, generates that factor in seasonality, promotions, and supply disruptions.

Quick & Confident Ordering

Create balanced and risk-optimized orders for each SKU — then automatically send orders to your ERP system with a single click.

Capacity Planning and Sales & Operations Planning

Break down silos and create a central source of truth by aligning procurement and production with sales, finance, and executive leadership.

Supplier Performance Monitoring

Monitor every supplier delivery and automatically factor lead-time reliability into your replenishment decisions.

Inventory Policy Modeling

Model the impact of various inventory policy decisions and quickly measure the outcome of each scenario.

Xperdyte Software is a software development and distribution company specialising in manufacturing software. Our proprietary software was developed over a period of ten years and incorporates all aspects of manufacturing operations.

The software architect, Ken Austin has over 35 years’ experience in a wide range of manufacturing industries,and is a qualified Cost and Management Accountant.

Sage Integration

Xperdyte Manufacturing’s seamless integration with:
▪ Sage Pastel Partner
▪ Sage Evolution
▪ Sage 300

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