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Leading cloud-based software designed to
help you
simplify payroll process!

Manage your HR and payroll processes from a secure platform that is legislatively compliant from anywhere.

Sage Payroll Professional provides an integrated solution including payroll, personal management, and employee self-service applications.

This combined solution helps businesses stay
up-to-date with:

Tax legislation and regulatory requirements to avoid any penalties.

Enables HR to record training, disciplinaries and interviews.

Tracking all HR-related documentation, allow staff to apply for leave, update personal details, view payslips, or submit claims.

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▪ True Cloud Payroll allows you to work from wherever you are.
▪ Reliable, secure, and easy-to-use, backed by years of payroll experience.
▪ Automated updates ensure compliance with local legislation and legal reporting.
▪ Available across multiple locations within Southern Africa and the wider African continent.
▪ Simple migration process for existing customers, allowing you to move your data securely and accurately.
▪ Email PDF payslips to your employees, with the option to password-protect the payslips.

Payroll Wherever You Go

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional is an always available, secure, and scalable solution. This fully cloud-based payroll software has automatic updates ensuring your payroll  up-to-date and compliant.

Employee Equity

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional has an easy-to-use functionality to help your business with Employee Equity requirements. It provides you with fundamental guidelines on all aspects of Employment Equity required by the latest South African legislation.

Employee Self-Service

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional enables a paperless process for managers and employees in managing leave, claims, and maintaining personal information.

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